IAM Industries


Nuestra meta es ofrecerle un producto de calidad, tal y como lo desea, en el momento que se le ofrezca. Además, con nuestra amplia capacidad, equipo y experiencia, IAM Industries está preparada para manejar cualquiera de sus necesidades de fabricación a medida. De hecho, tenemos experiencia en los siguientes servicios:

  • Estampado de metales
  • Formación de metales
  • Extrusión de plásticos
  • Recubrimiento de polvo
  • Transformación de vidrio de grado médico
  • Fabricación de cajas de cartón ondulado

Así, nuestra línea de productos incluye una amplia variedad de productos como mosquiteras para ventanas, marcos de ventanas lineales, kit de marcos de ventanas todo en uno, spline, equipos de vidrio de uso médico y de laboratorio, parches para reparar paredes, estampado de componentes metálicos, línea de pintura y recubrimiento en polvo, por nombrar algunos.

Conozca nuestra historia.


In 2010, our family-owned and operated company started off as a small first-stage fabricator in the southernmost point of the United States: Brownsville, Texas.


Then, our first press and stamping line began producing custom, cut-to- length metal sheets and plates straight from the coil. This not only gave IAM Industries an edge on customer pricing of fabricated products but also granted us the opportunity to expand further into the metal stamping business.


Aiming to offer more cost reductions to our fabrication customers, after five years, we moved our manufacturing plant to the border town of Matamoros, Mexico, very near to our headquarters in Texas. This was possible under the then North America Free Trade Agreement’s Decree for Development and Operation of the Maquiladora Export Industry (IMMEX).


Eventually, in late 2016, we upgraded our Roll Formers, doubling the production of the Lineal Frame, Frame Kits, and Windows Screens.


In 2018, the Medical Division was created and started the production of crystal pipettes for laboratories for major clients in the US and Europe, meeting the Quality Standards required by the FDA, CDC, and European Authorities.


With the addition of the Powder Coating Area in 2019, we started painting many parts for hospital beds and satellite antennas.


In 2020, we acquired our own Corrugated Box Manufacturing Plant so we could meet our own boxing needs. 


In 2021, we launched our own product brand, IAM Industries, MADE FOR MAKERS, which can view here

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